Marcucci motorsports should be the first thought if you have an S2000 in need of mechanical repair. Todd and his team not only are the most experienced in Dallas/Fort Worth, but also the most passionate. Todd Marcucci has helped me with major repairs to my S2000. I first trusted Todd back in 2011 with a "105k service" which included new water pump, t-stat, and AP2 retainer swap. I wanted to do the swap for peace of mind. He even managed to burp the coolant system in sub freezing temperatures. Everything Todd touches will be improved and he has a keen eye for spotting tiny details that need attention. My S2000 made it to 195k miles, which was well over Honda's own projection. Fast forward to 2016, I was in need of a motor this year and Todd not only located a JDM motor, but he only required a minor deposit for the work that was about to become a labor of love for him. The two page 8.5" x 11" sheet laundry list of parts needed to bring my S2000 up to snuff was astonishing, but needed for such a well used S2000. My S2000 was brought in with a front subframe bolt stuck and broken off inside the threads...a known issue with our cars. This procedure was tougher than most mechanics in the area would tackle. His team took the job on and kept me updated with the latest procedures with nearly live photos via messenger. Where else do you get that?! The know-how which Todd stores in his noggin will impress no doubt. If his team has the ability to fix my humble ride and bring it to it's best mechanical condition since I have owned it in 2007, then they can do it for yours, too. Thanks, Todd.

Tom O, 2000 Honda S2000