Our services

Marcucci Motorsports offers a wide variety of services for your Honda or Acura. We have more than 20 years of experience servicing Hondas and Acuras. If you want to go faster, we offer a wide range of aftermarket performance parts at competitive prices. We can also help with all types of vehicle rebuilding, including engine, transmission, rear end, and suspension, and even complete, turnkey vehicle building. Want to swap in a motor more powerful motor from a different vehicle? We can help with that too. No matter your need, we can help you take care of your vehicle.

  • Fender Rolling

    If you want to fit larger/wider tires than stock, or wheels with a different offset than stock, we can help with rolling fenders. This is…

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Featured Projects

  • Turbo H22A Build

    This motor was ordered from a client in Switzerland who knew of our reputation for quality and reliability. It was designed to be used in…

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  • S2000 Bottom End Build

    The engine pictured here came from a very neglected S2000 which suffered from a rod knock. The F20C can be very sensitive to low oil…

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