Manual Transmission, Differential, & Final Drive Repair & Building

We have extensive experience with Honda & Acura manual transmission and final drive gear (or rear end) repair and upgrades. Whether you are looking to fix gears that grind when shifting, rebuild an older transmission with bearing noise, or install upgraded gears, synchros, or a limited slip differential, we can help. We have been repairing and building up Honda and Acura transmissions and rear ends for many years. We can also assist with special coatings to help reduce wear and improve shifter feel.

Not very many shops know how to properly install limited slip differentials and final drive/ring & pinion gears. For front-wheel-drive vehicles, proper clearances and preload must be set and checked to insure that there will not be damage to the case or other components. For rear-wheel-drive vehicles such as the S2000, setting pinion depth and backlash is critical to insuring minimal gear noise and wear. Marcucci Motorsports are experts in this field. Contact us for more information on diagnosis, repair, or upgrades of these components.

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