Portfolio Category: Engine Rebuilds & Performance Builds

S2000 Bottom End Build

The engine pictured here came from a very neglected S2000 which suffered from a rod knock. The F20C can be very sensitive to low oil levels, especially when operated on-track or in extensive cornering. Low oil levels resulted in a spun rod bearing, with significant damage to the crankshaft, rod, piston, and cylinder wall. The…
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Civic Complete Rebuild

This engine is a prime example of a full “refresh” of a motor. This high-mile D16Z was built to be a reliable daily driver that also would see some autocross and track-day use. The block was bored and honed for new, oversized OEM Honda pistons. The block was decked slightly and the head milled to…
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Turbo H22A Build

This motor was ordered from a client in Switzerland who knew of our reputation for quality and reliability. It was designed to be used in a boosted application that provided for more than 500 WHP and also daily-driver reliability. This block received the full Golden Eagle treatment, with their best sleeves available at the time,…
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