Koni Shock Spring Perch Eliminators

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This product was designed as an answer to the issue that many people faced when installing a coilover kit on a Koni Sport (Koni “Yellows”) shock on a Honda- the giant OEM perch is no longer needed, except to position the coilover sleeve, which is much smaller in diameter than the stock spring. These adapters were designed to fit inside the coilover sleeve and hold it in place while also holding the perch retainer clip firmly in place. Ground Control designed a similar product, to be ordered when their coilover kit is ordered, but it is made out of plastic. The design that Marcucci Motorsports made are machined from T6061 aluminum with a tumbled finish. These are MUCH better than the ones that
Ground Control supplies, as they are aluminum, not plastic, and provide for a more positive fit over the retainer clip. These were extensively track and autox tested to hold up well to abuse. These were also designed to fit Ground Control and many other popular kits like Tom's, Dropzone, and generic copies. If you have a custom part that you need for your suspension, contact us, and let us design your next suspension component.

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