What to Look for in a Used Honda S2000

WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET? The first decision that you will need to make is which one- there are two different generations to choose from: the AP1, made from 2000-2003, and the AP2, made from 2004-2009. To further differentiate the AP2, it has two “sub generations” to choose from, commonly called the “AP2v1” (from 2004-2005)…
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JDM License Plate Adapter

Marcucci Motorsports is pleased to offer the JDM to US License Plate Adapter. This low-profile, bolt-on adapter allows you to mount a US license plate to a JDM vehicle without any drilling or cutting. This solves the issue of having to “one-hole” a USDM plate on a JDM car, which are all originally equipped only…
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The Importance of a Valve Lash Adjustment

A normal maintenance item for most Hondas that is often overlooked is the valve adjustment. Also known as setting “valve clearance” or “valve lash,” this adjustment is an important maintenance item to insure lengthy, proper, and efficient operation of your engine. While the fundamental design of the rockers, valves, and lash adjusters has changed little…
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